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adjective | ba·si | bä-sē \


  1. any of the photography businesses or creative content generated by the founder after she discovered that crouching behind the camera lens was just as, if not more, delightful than posing in front of it.
  2. one of the many variations of nicknames given to aforementioned human in her academic career. when used to address respectfully, this nickname was pronounced as, “boss.” when used to address irritably or coquettishly, this nickname was pronounced as, “bossy.”

First Known Use: 2017

Synonym: coruscant.

Examples of BASI in a Sentence:

BASI Photography is dedicated to capturing beautiful moments as you experience them. It is our mission to make you feel at ease in front of the camera, with an experienced and understanding photographer behind it.

The ultimate reward for BASI Photography is the satisfaction of our clients! Pushing our limits on creativity and capturing the essence of our subjects are undoubtedly fulfilling. Nothing, however, is more gratifying than seeing our clients cherish their photos.